How to Replace a Lasermax Battery

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LaserMax produces laser sights that are mounted to guns and used to help sharpshooters and marksmen better aim their shots. When used, the LaserMax laser sight emits a small red light. The location of the light before the shot should be the location of the bullet when the gun is fired, as long as the sight is properly mounted and calibrated and the shooter is steady with his shot. The laser sights are powered by batteries that need to be replaced on occasion.

    Separate the shock buff from the battery cap and pull the battery cap off the spring guide.

    Turn over the spring guide to allow the batteries to fall out. Dispose of the batteries in the proper waste receptacle.

    Place the new batteries in the spring guide with the positive side facing up. Do not remove the shrink wrap from the batteries when placing them in the spring guide.

    Line up the battery cap with the end of the laser tube so the shapes match up.

    Slide the shock buff onto the spring guide with the three circular marks facing inward. The shock buff should be pushed up fully to rest against the battery cap.