How to Quit a Lottery Ticket Gambling Addiction

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Purchasing lottery tickets occasionally for fun, gifts, or to try and win a little cash can be enjoyable. But, there are times when lottery ticket gambling can get out of hand. Instances where you find yourself spending most of your paycheck on lottery tickets, purchasing these tickets before paying bills, or buying many lottery tickets a few times a day, may indicate a gambling addiction. If you feel that you have a problem lottery ticket gambling, there are steps you can take to limit or cut your spending on these purchases. Here are a few tips to stop a lottery ticket gambling addiction that can help you to save more money and get your finances back on track.

    Consider whether or not you have a lottery ticket gambling addiction. Do you spend a large part of your paycheck on lottery tickets? Do you purchase many scratch off lottery tickets a day hoping to win big? How often do you buy daily or weekly lotto tickets in the hopes of winning the jackpot? If you find yourself spending more money than you should on lottery tickets, thinking you're going to win eventually, you may just have a lottery ticket gambling addiction. An addiction is one that controls your life and ruins aspects of it including finances, relationships, friendships, and home life. If purchasing lottery tickets has caused you trouble in any part of your life, you should try to limit your spending, avoid buying tickets altogether, or get help with the addiction. However, you may just be buying a few lottery tickets here and there and not really feel that it's affecting any area of your life. An addiction is one where you find it hard to be without something or to quit doing something because it's pleasing, fun, needed, or impossible to stop. Only you know if you have an addiction to lottery ticket gambling.

    Figure out how much you are spending on lottery tickets. You may find the amount you use out of your paycheck to purchase lottery tickets will surprise you. I had a friend once you used to spend $100 weekly on lottery tickets. This amounts to $400 a month and $4800 a year. That amount totally shocked her! If your story is similar and you find yourself spending enough money to cover a car payment, house payment, or credit cards and loans a month, you should consider this a true lottery ticket gambling addiction. Sometimes, when we write the amount down that we spend on unnecessary items, we find that we are purchasing things beyond our means. Sit down and really figure out how much money you use to buy lottery tickets weekly and monthly. Then decide if this money could be better used to pay expenses or bills. How does spending that money on lottery tickets make you feel? Do you think, based on these weekly and monthly amounts that you could possibly have a lottery ticket gambling addiction?

    Stop going to the convenience store for items like coffee, cigarettes, or pop. When you put yourself in a position to spend money on lottery tickets and you are addicted to gambling, you will only be enabling your addiction and make it hard on yourself to avoid purchasing your usual lottery tickets. Instead, purchase coffee, pop, and/or cigarettes at a grocery store or make coffee at home, and bring pop from home. Avoid places where you may be tempted to purchase lottery tickets. When you remove the temptation to purchase lottery tickets, you are better able to kick the gambling addiction. If you are not able to go to a convenience store that sells lottery tickets without purchasing them, this is definitely a gambling addiction that needs to be nipped in the bud. Changing your routine and routes can great increase your chances of stopping an addiction and help you to change your behavior regarding the addiction. By not stopping at convenience stores or any other place that lottery tickets are sold, you are empowering yourself to avoid spending money on this gambling addiction. And you'll better be prepared to use your will power to keep you strong against the addiction.

    To further help stop a lottery ticket gambling addiction, limit the amount of money you have on you at all times. When you don't have the money to purchase lottery tickets, you won't be able to buy them. It's as simple as this. Try leaving your bank card and cash at home or don't take more than a few dollars with you inside the convenience store or Mini Mart. If you only take enough money with you to purchase a pop, coffee, or cigarettes, or anything else you need, then you won't be spending any money on lottery tickets and feeding your addiction. Do not borrow money from others either. The whole purpose of not bringing extra money with you is to prevent you from spending that money on lottery tickets. Be sure that you only have money on you for necessities such as groceries, household items, or things for your family. Hopefully, this will help you to kick your lottery ticket gambling addiction fast. Just remember that you have probably spend more money on lottery tickets than you'd ever had the chance to win. Even though it's tempting to buy tickets, it's not really worth the expense you pay.

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