How to Plant White Clover for Deer Feed

Whether to bring deer in for an opportunity during hunting, or simply to be able to enjoy watching these lovely animals, planting white clover is an excellent notion. White clover is a perennial, which means it will return yearly. Clover is an ideal late fall/early winter food source for deer, which means that the deer will be visiting the area to feed when other food sources are disappearing. Planting clover is reasonably easy but does demand a bit of hard labor.

    Select an area for planting. White clover is an excellent plant for clay soils and wet areas such as river bottoms. White clover thrives in cool, wet climates.

    Use a rake to lightly till the planting area. Remove as much grass and other vegetable debris as possible. Clover requires partial to full sun, and removal of other established or blocking vegetation will increase the success rate of the planting.

    Spread the white clover seed at a rate of two lbs. per acre. Basically you can disperse white clover in the same manner as grass seed. The small seeds are best spread by hand or with a hand crank spreader.

    Use the rake to lightly till and smooth the planted area. Clover seeds do not require deep planting, but a thin layer of covering soil will aid germination. Alternatively add soil over the seeding.

    Water the area lightly after planting. Clover does not require extra ordinate amounts of water and should perform well in normal weather conditions typical to the midwest region.


    • Mixing red clover and native grasses in the food plot or pasture will help to establish a more balanced diet for deer as well as ensure a full year's forage for the animals.


    • White clover can be a "weedy" plant and will spread if not properly managed.


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