How to Make a Belly Band Holster

The belly band style holster is a relatively simple design. A variety of these bands are available for purchase from different manufacturers, but it is also easy to make one for yourself. The elastic band holds a gun tightly against your body, under a shirt for deep concealment. To draw the weapon, you must lift your shirt up and withdraw the gun from the band around your belly.

    Cut the elastic strips to fit your waist. The two strips should end up being the same length. Cut them so that they are a few inches shorter than the waist of your pants.

    Sew a pocket into the elastic. Use the needle and thread to sew the elastic bands together so that a pouch is created which will house your conceal-carry pistol. Make the stitching thorough and make the gun pocket slightly smaller than your gun. Remember you are working with elastic, so it will stretch when you insert the firearm.

    Sew on the Velcro patches. The Velcro should be large enough to cover the entire width of the band and at least 5 inches long. It should be attached to the inner side of one end, and the outer side of the other end of the band, so that when the band is wrapped around your waist, the Velcro will attach to itself.

    Sew in any extra pockets. You may want a pocket for your keys, wallet, cell phone or extra magazines or speed loaders for your gun. Customize your belly band to fit your needs.


    • Firearms may discharge when dropped, and safeties may fail. Always be sure your gun is secure in a holster before carrying it.

      Always follow universal gun safety rules.

      Make sure you have a permit for concealed carry if your state requires it.


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