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LimbSaver is a line of archery and firearm products reputable enough to be used by the FBI. Owned by CEO Steven Sims, LimbSaver has a goal of producing high-quality products that are both innovative and reliable. SVL, Sims Vibration Laboratory, is the name of the company that created the LimbSaver line of products. Installation instructions for most products are available on the LimbSaver website.

Installation for the Sharpshooter X-Ring Barrel Deresonator

    Apply gun oil to the inside of the deresonator.

    Remove the iron sight from the gun.

    Slide the deresonator over the barrel.

    Reattach the iron sight.

    Tune the sharpshooter by firing practice rounds 1/2 to 3/4 inch away from the target. Apply gun oil and adjust the positioning of the deresonator until the shot is accurate.

Installation for the Power Ring Cable Dampener

    Remove the cable slide from the cable guard rod.

    Locate the cable guard dampener hole as well as the cable guard. Wet both pieces with water.

    Slide the dampener onto the cable guard rod. The direction of the dampener does not matter.

    Reattach the cable slide.

Installation for the Paintball Tentacle Wrap and Sniper Donut

    Place the beveled surface of the wrap against the grip of the paintball gun.

    Tighten the wrap around the gun, working counterclockwise from the top.

    Apply gun oil to the inside of the sniper donut.

    Slide the donut over the barrel.

    Take some practice shots to test the accuracy. Adjust the positioning of the donut by applying additional oil and sliding it forward or backward until the shot is precise.

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