How to Increase the FPS of a Pellet Pistol

A pellet gun uses a spring to fire a BB from out of the barrel and toward its target. You can increase the distance that the BB will travel by doing a modification on the pellet gun. The modification only requires a Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver and less than a half-hour of your time. Your pellet gun will be the envy of all when they see how many feet per second (fps) the BB from your pellet gun can now travel.

    Fire the pellet gun into a trash can to ensure that no BB is in the firing mechanism.

    Put a towel down on a table. Put the pellet gun down on its right side on the table, with the barrel pointing to the right.

    Remove the screws from the top left edge just below the hammer of the pellet gun, using the Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver. Remove the screw even with the first screw that is a couple of inches to the right, using the Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver.

    Turn the pellet gun over and remove the screws from this side in the same manner as was just done.

    Place the screws on the towel.

    Lift up on the sliding panel at the top of the pellet gun by its edge near the hammer. Pull the sliding panel up and off of the pellet gun with your fingers.

    Remove the long spring that is looped over the barrel with the pliers. Discard the spring.

    Grab the end of the spring that is in the firing mechanism inside of the compartment on the top of the pellet gun nearest to the hammer with the pliers. Pull the spring out of the firing mechanism.

    Grab the other end of the spring with your free hand. Pull both ends of the spring with your hand and the pliers to stretch it out.

    Return the spring to the firing mechanism.

    Reattach the sliding panel to the top of the pellet gun. Reassemble the pellet gun, which will now shoot a BB with much greater fps force than was the case earlier.


    • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes while modifying the pellet gun.


    • Never aim a pellet gun at any living thing--the BBs can cause serious harm when they are fired.


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