How to FIELD STRIP A HI-STANDARD SPORT KING 22 cal automatic pistol , high standard

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How to field strip your SPORT KING

    UNLOAD THE GUN , SAFTEY FIRST ! ! ! Remove the clip & check to see if there is a round in the chamber Once the gun has been cleared you are ready to start.

    Click the saftey on , it is on the right side of the gun.

    Pull the slide back & lock it in this posision with the slide stop on the left side of the gun.

    REMOVE THE BARREL Under the barrel & on the front of the trigger guard is a button , This button has to be pushed in all the way to release the barrel. It is under heavy spring presure & can be difficult to push in all the way. If you can't get it to move. Place the button against the edge of the bench ( use a shop rag to protect the finish on the gun)& while securely holding the gun , push the button against the bench to get the buttom move , & little WD-40 or gun oil on the button won't hurt. Once the button is moving , Push it in all the way & pull up on the barrel. with the button all the way in the barrel can be removed from the frame. Set the barrel aside & move to the next step

    REMOVE THE SLIDE To remove the slide , Hold the slide with one hand & filck the slide stop down , Hold onto the slide , It is under spring presure & will want to shoot off the front of the frame. With the slide stop off. move the slide towords the front & off the frame. the gun is now field stripped & is ready to be cleaned & re-assembled Follwow the steps in reverse to put the gun back together.


    • A great gun cleaner & lube is BREAK FREE. It comes in a spray can & can be used to clean the gun & like I said it is a great gun lube.


    • Before cleaning or field stripping any gun , MAKE SURE IT IS UNLOADED. I know this sounds like a NO - BRAINER. But you would be suprized how many people shoot themself or someone else while cleaning or handling a gun the everyone thought was UN-LOADED.