How to Clear Land With a Farm Tractor

How to Clear Land With a Farm Tractor

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Items you will need

  • Bucket loader attachment

  • Bulldozer attachment

  • Chains

  • Backhoe attachment

If you own a farm tractor, you can use it to clear land if the lot is not heavily wooded and will not require excavating tons of dirt. Keep in mind, farm tractors come in various sizes, and larger ones are more suited for land-clearing tasks. You can use your farm tractor to pull stumps, cart away rocks and clear away trees and grade the land. However, if you are looking to excavate large tracts of land, requiring the removal of thousands of tons of dirt, you may want to consider another option.

    Use the bulldozer blade to clear away any small trees, rocks, debris and brush scattered on the land. Accomplish this by scraping the land to knocks over trees and push everything into a pile.

    Attach your chains to pull out any tree stumps and large boulder you couldn't remove with the bulldozer blade.

    Take off the bulldozer blade and put on your bucket loader to remove the pile of debris, rocks, stumps and boulders.

    Use the backhoe attachment to do any required digging, such as digging trenches to bring in water for example or to dig out any big boulders you can't yank lose with just your chains.

    Re-attach the bulldozer blade once you have cleared to land to level and grade the dirt to prepare the land for farming or any other project you have planned.


    • When clearing brush from the land, you should use front, back and side guards on the tractor, to protect in from damage such as scraps and dents. You will also need special resistant tires to protect against thorns and hazards.

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