How to Clean a Rifle With Hoppes Products

Properly cleaning your rifle is an important part of being a gun owner. Metal and powder fouling build up after every shot and moisture condensation can cause your rifle barrel to rust. A clean rifle will operate more smoothly, fire more accurately and have a longer life span. Hoppe’s products can be very useful in cleaning and maintaining your rifle. Hoppe’s solvents dissolve and break up fouling buildup, ensuring that your rifle will work properly. Cleaning your rifle takes only a few minutes.

Cleaning Your Rifle

    Remove all ammunition from the rifle and ensure that no ammunition is in the vicinity of the cleaning area.

    Secure the rifle in the vice. Remove the bolt from the rifle and insert the bore guide into the breech.

    Attach the bore brush to your cleaning rod. Dip the brush into the Hoppe’s No. 9 solvent.

    Insert the rod into the breech end of the barrel. Carefully push the rod through the barrel to the muzzle end in one smooth motion, and then draw the rod back. Repeat this step 3 to 5 more times, depending on how long the rifle has gone since its last cleaning.

    Remove the bore brush from the cleaning rod. Attach the slotted end to the rod, and slip a cleaning patch into the slotted end.

    Insert the rod into the breech. Push the rod all the way through the barrel and draw the rod back. Do this in one smooth, continuous motion.

    Remove the dirty patch from the slotted end and slip a clean patch into it. Run this patch through the barrel in the same manner.

    Continue to run clean patches through the barrel 4 to 8 times, or until a patch comes out clean.

    Place a clean patch into the slotted end and moisten it with the lubricating oil. Insert the rod into the breech, push it through the barrel, and draw it back in a smooth, continuous motion.

    Moisten your cleaning cloth with the lubricating oil. Wipe down any exposed metal surfaces on your rifle with the cloth, to apply a light coat of oil.


    • If the rifle’s action needs cleaning, use a phosphor bronze utility brush to scrub away any dirt or other materials. Moving parts can be wetted with Hoppe’s solvent, then scrubbed with the brush.

      Hoppe’s makes many kinds of solvents. If you use a lot of copper-jacketed ammunition, use the copper solvent to remove any copper traces in the barrel. If you’re a black powder enthusiast, use the black powder solvent and patch lubricant. Choose the solvent that is right for your needs.

      Make sure to clean your rifle at least once a month, even if you haven’t fired it, to prevent corrosion.


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