How to Clean a Diesel Tractor Gas Tank

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Maintaining a diesel tractor is crucial in order to have it last for a long time. The engine in a diesel tractor will not start if the diesel fuel tank gets filled with sedative and contaminants as the fuel lines out of the gas tank will become clogged. You don't want to just drain your diesel gas tank and hose it out as water is not good for your gas tank. Cleaning your diesel gas tank properly takes several supplies, but is a fairly straightforward process.

    Unscrew the diesel fuel tank cap. Unscrew the diesel gas line nut from the base of the diesel fuel tank.

    Position the diesel container under the draining diesel. Capture all the dirty diesel fuel.

    Plug in the fluid extraction pump with a flex hose--or wet vac. Insert the hose into the diesel fuel tank and run the hose along the base of the tank to suck up any remaining diesel sediment slurry.

    Screw the diesel gas line nut back onto the base of the diesel fuel tank.

    Determine how many gallons the diesel fuel tank is in the tractors owner manual. Read the directions on the diesel fuel tank cleaner bottle. Pour the correct amount into the diesel fuel tank. Fill the fuel tank with diesel fuel. Screw the diesel fuel tank cap on.

    Items you will need

    • Wrench set

    • Diesel container

    • Fluid extraction pump with a flex hose

    • Tractor owners manual

    • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel tank cleaner