How to Clean a 9MM Pistol

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Items you will need

  • Gun cleaning kit

  • Cleaning pads

  • Rags

  • Gun oil

With dozens of different manufacturers and more than 100 different models, 9mm handguns make up a significant amount of the overall handguns used today. The primary sidearm of the U.S. Military is a 9mm Beretta M9. Proper maintenance and care of your 9mm handgun is essential for continued use. The process of disassembly can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model, but the process for cleaning them is very much the same.

    Eject the magazine and check the chamber to ensure that your handgun is not loaded.

    Disassemble your pistol as directed in your firearm owners manual.

    Attach the wire brush attachment from your gun cleaning kit to the end of a cleaning rod and insert it into the barrel. Move the brush back and forth several times to clean out any debris that may have accumulated.

    Insert a pad into the loop attachment from your gun cleaning kit and attach the tip to the end of the cleaning rod. Apply a small amount of gun oil to the pad and insert it into the barrel. Move the pad back and forth inside the barrel to ensure that the inside of the barrel is properly coated.

    Wipe down all moving parts of the handgun with a rag and apply a small amount of gun oil to each moving part. Wipe away any excess oil, then reassemble your pistol.

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