How to Build a Display Box for a Gun

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Many guns are purchased as collectible items. You can create a simple gun display box using a picture frame and some scrap wood.

    Remove the backing of the frame, and apply multipurpose glue to the interior to glue the glass in place.

    Measure the length and width of the picture frame. Mark these measurements on the 1-inch wood. These strips of wood will be used make a box that will attach to the frame, creating the depth necessary to house the gun for display.

    Cut two pieces of wood to the length of the picture frame, and two pieces of wood to the width of the picture frame, with 45-degree angles for each cut.

    Glue the four pieces of wood together with wood glue and allow to dry. You now have a box the same size as your frame.

    Glue the box to the back of the frame.

    Cut a piece of plywood to the dimensions of the box.

    Plan your display. Set the gun on the plywood. Mark where holes will need to be drilled to run wire to support the gun. Drill a small hole in each location. You need a loop of wire crossing over the barrel, and another over the pistol grip. Each loop requires one hole on either side of the part of the gun being secured.

    Secure the gun in place. Run the wire through one hole of each loop from behind, over the gun, and down through the other hole for that loop. Twist the wire behind the box to secure it. Ensure the gun hangs as desired. Add extra wire loops if needed.

    Place the plywood against the back of the box, with the gun facing into the box, and secure with screws.

    Add a wall hanging fixture if desired. Most hangings will attach with two screws.


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