How to Hook Up an RV Satellite Dish to DirecTV

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Many RVs come with satellite dishes installed, and these dish antennas should work with the DirecTV satellite system. Connecting your RV dish to DirecTV is very similar to connecting it in your home. The biggest difference is the mounting of the antenna. In most cases, you should only mount and secure the dish temporarily for when the vehicle is parked. The same rules about an unobstructed view of the southern sky still apply.

Items you will need

  • Wrench

  • RG coaxial cable

  • Mounting brackets (optional)

  • Video/audio cable

Mount and secure your satellite dish's position on either the roof or a tripod mount on the ground. using its mounting bolts and your wrench. The exact position of the dish antenna can vary depending on your vehicle's exact location.

Choose a location for the receiver. The DirecTV receiver can come in different sizes, and many fit within one of your RV cabinets. You also may be able to mount it to a wall using mounting brackets and screws.

Connect a length of coaxial cable to the receiver's input port. RG-59 cable will work if you have a short distance from the dish to the box. If it goes past 25 feet for any reason, try RG-6.

Linkt the receiver's cable to the one connected to your dish antenna. If the RV has a wall cable connector, connect the dish cable to the outer port and the receiver's cable to the inner port.

Route the cables through a window if you don't have the aforementioned wall jack. Connect the two cables using a double-coaxial port adapter.

Connect the receiver's output to the TV set. This can be done with RG coaxial, RCA composite, component or HDMI cables, depending on what the receiver and TV can take. The TV cabinet should have a hole to route the cables through.


  • Once you connect the dish, you can turn on the set and go to the DirecTV menu to get the exact coordinates for your location, and adjust the dish's position accordingly.