How to Hook a Minnow for Perch

How to Hook a Minnow for Perch

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Anglers often catch yellow perch while they are targeting other species. Many of those fishermen think the perch are nuisances, until they catch one that measures 10 inches or more, or until they try eating one. In part because of their table quality, some fishermen specifically target yellow perch, especially during the winter months. Minnows are one of the best baits for catching perch, and there are several ways anglers can hook them, depending on the rig used.

Items you will need

  • Fishing line

  • Sinker

  • Swivel

  • Plain hook

  • Jig


Step 1

Attach a 1/8-ounce lead-head jig on the fishing line using a Palomar knot.

Step 2

Insert the point of the hook into the minnow's mouth.

Step 3

Push the hook point into the minnow's throat. Push the hook point out the top of the minnow's head, just behind its eyes.

Live-Bait Rig

Step 1

Cut a 24- to 36-inch long piece of 4- to 6-pound fishing line.

Step 2

Slide onto the end of your main fishing line a slip sinker, which is a type of sinker that slides up and down the line. Then tie the end of the main line to a barrel swivel. Tie the 24- to 36-inch piece of line to the other end of the swivel.

Step 3

Tie a #6 or #8 hook to the end of the leader, which is the 24- to 36-inch piece of fishing line.

Step 4

Insert the hook into the side of the minnow, just in front of its tail. Push the hook out the other side. Alternately, push the hook point into the minnow's lower jaw, through its mouth, and out the top of its mouth, just behind the lips.

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