Homemade Surfboard Bag

Homemade Surfboard Bag

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Surfboard bags are designed to protect your board during transportation. Even small dings can damage your board and mar its finish. Knowing the differences between the various surfboard bag styles will help you determine what type of surfboard bag suits you best. Choosing the best materials for that bag will help you make a better quality surfboard bag that's less likely to need replacing in the near future. Choose the best quality materials and use strong zippers and handles, regardless of your bag choice.


Choose a durable fabric that handles moisture. Canvas, terry cloth or awning cloth are all viable options for fabric cases or socks. Cut your fabric of choice with pinking shears to help prevent fraying of the fabric. Use weather-resistant thread when sewing your bag. Fishing line or heavy-duty cotton thread will help your bag last longer.

Surfboard Socks

Surfboard socks are made of stretchy material that slides over your surfboard, protecting it from minor bumps and sun. Socks also help protect your belongings and vehicles from the sand and wax on your surfboard. Choose materials that have elasticity and cut them slightly smaller than your surfboard so it hugs your board. Hem the ends so your board sock doesn't unravel after a few uses.

Travel Bags

Surfboard travel bags are padded bags that provide more protection for your surfboard than a sock. Make your travel bag with material on the outside that reflects the sun so your board stays cool inside; this helps prevent your bag from being sticky with melted board wax. Pad the bag with a layer of quilt batting sandwiched between the interior and exterior fabric material. Put in a zipper so you can close the bag and don't forget sturdy handles so you can carry your travel bag.


Surfboard coffins are so named for their shape. These are typically firmer than travel bags with more padding sandwiched between the interior lining and the exterior casing, similar to a suitcase. Many surfboard coffins are designed to carry more than one surfboard. Build your surfboard coffin out of leather and nylon. Pad generously between the two layers and if you want the coffin to carry numerous boards, pad between each board's slot. Close your bag with an industrial zipper.

Basic Instructions

Fold your material in half the long way and lay your surfboard on top of it. Trace around your surfboard and cut along your lines. Cut out two additional nose pieces. Lay your front and back panels flat and set the nose piece on top of each panel. Sew them together. Lay the panels on top of each other with the nose pieces inside. Sew the panels together, leaving the end of the panels, which is the short, straight end of your surfboard, open. Turn your bag right side out. Turn the hem of the open end of your surfboard bag down and hand stitch it closed, leaving 1 inch open. Thread your drawstring through the opening and tie knots at each end so it can't slide through or leave one long side open and add a zipper to complete your homemade surfboard bag.

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