Homemade Spec Rigs for Fishing

Homemade Spec Rigs for Fishing

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Spec rigs have been around for many years and have been successfully used by anglers on a variety of inshore saltwater game fish. Speckled trout, bluefish, stripers and flounder are only a few of the game fish that are attracted by the spec rig. Although tied rigs are available from many bait and tackle shops, many anglers can accomplish tying a spec rig, resulting in a custom rig and a savings in money.

Items you will need

  • Barrel swivel

  • Fluorocarbon leader (20-pound test or heavier)

  • 1/8-ounce or heavier jig head (2)

  • Scissors

Hold a barrel swivel so that the eye on one end is easily accessible. Cut a 3-foot length of the fluorocarbon fishing line to serve as a leader. Cut the line with scissors.

Thread one end of the leader through the eye of the barrel swivel. Pull the leader through so that one end of the line is twice as long as the other.

Turn the shorter length of leader back through the eye, forming a loop on one side and a double line on the other. Secure the fluorocarbon leader to the swivel eye with a Palomar knot.

Form the Palomar by tying a simple overhand knot with the loop and doubled line. Pull the loop around and over the opposite end of the barrel swivel, moisten the knot and tighten.

Attach the 1/8-ounce lead head jigs, one on the end of each fluorocarbon leader length. Secure the jigs to the leaders with a Palomar knot.


  • Attach rubber skirts and soft plastic baits to the jig head hooks.
  • Consider also tying on size 6 to 8 circle octopus hooks in place of the jig head hooks and using small pieces of fresh-cut bait.
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