Homemade Gun Cleaning Stand Plans

Homemade Gun Cleaning Stand Plans

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Gun cleaning may not be part of the fun--but it is part of the process. You can make a fairly elaborate cleaning stand affordably.

Mounted or Mountable

Depending on space available you might want to build your cleaning stand with legs and a platform. This will make it easy to keep your cleaning supplies together and avoid cleaning up as much afterward.

Rifle Stand and Box

Build a simple rectangular box without a lid out of 2 by 4 and plywood. Line the bottom and sides of the box with vinyl sheeting to prevent solvent seepage. V-cut two more 2 by 4s and screw them to the bottom of the box, with the "Vs" facing upward, far enough apart to securely support an average length rifle at the rear grip and fore grip. You can wrap duct tape around the V-cuts so you do not have the raw lumber against your gun stock.


Acquire or build a small table with the platform at a level you can comfortably reach the gun while sitting in a chair. You can screw the box down to the platform to make it steadier. You can also add shelves underneath to hold supplies. With the table and stand unitized you can pick your entire cleaning station up and move it as required.

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