Homemade Fishing Rod Holders

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Fishing is fun, but holding onto the pole for long periods of time or when you want to be hands-free is not. Don't worry--all you need is a fishing rod holder. There are different types of rod holders as well as many applications for them: in-the-home holders for storage purposes, boat holders for hands-free baiting or boat maneuvering and surf holders for use while surf and pier fishing. Everything you need to make your homemade fishing rod holders can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Home Fishing Pole Holders

At home, your fishing pole holder plays a storage role. It is a place to keep the pole clean and free from damage while keeping you free from the danger of being hooked or the aggravation of dealing with a bunch of tangled poles in the corner. The fishing pole holder can be made using either vertical lengths of PVC pipe or with pieces of wood that have holes cut into them. These holes should be between three and four inches in diameter and can be made with a hole saw. The design of these kinds of holders is flexible enough that they can be made to store your fishing poles vertically or horizontally, depending on whether they are hanging on a wall or from the ceiling.

Simple Surf Fishing Pole Holder

When surf fishing, can get a piece of three-inch diameter PVC pipe and cut it into lengths of about four to five feet, then drive them into the sand or surf with a small sledgehammer. The bottom of the holder should be buried between one to two feet deep so that it is secure in the event you hook a large fish. You also want to make sure you made your fishing pole holder long enough that when you drive it into the surf, there is enough holder left out of the sand to account for tide changes and rolling surf. In pier and bridge fishing, the same PVC pipe can be lashed to the structure with rope, a ratchet strap or even a bungee cord.

Boat Fishing Pole Holders

Fishing pole holders play a vital role on any fishing boat--from kayak to commercial fishing boats. Three factors that you need to address when making a fishing pole holder for your boat are: the type of boat, whether you want it to be removable and the material you use to make your fishing pole holders. With small boats such as kayaks, canoes and rowboats, a small detachable fishing pole holder works best so it can be removed during transport. Runabouts and bigger boats can use a fixed method such as two-inch PVC pipes with pipe straps. Always use stainless hardware whenever you can on a boat; saltwater speeds up the rusting process, and stainless steel resists rust. Wood can be used on a boat like it is in the home, but it should be prepared with sealants first for the extreme weather conditions it will endure.