Homemade Crappie Rod Holder

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From farm ponds to large lakes and reservoirs, anglers suspend lines and bait into often deep waters in search of large crappie. Typically, several rods and rigs are used at the same time when fishing for crappie. Whether on a boat, dock or bank, a sturdy and reliable rod hold is a valuable part of many crappie anglers' gear. Constructing a homemade crappie rod holder requires only a few parts, some basic know how and a little time.

Connect the 3-foot length of threaded pipe to the T connector. Hold the T connector with one hand and thread the 3-foot length into the 90 degree hole.

Attach one of the 6-inch lengths to one side of the T connector. Thread the short length of pipe into the T connector until it is secure. Repeat the process for the remaining 6-inch connector on the other side.

Open one of the split-ring pipe hangers with an adjustable wrench or screwdriver, depending on the design.

Place the split-ring pipe hanger on one of the 6-inch pipe lengths and secure in place by tightening the set screw. Repeat the process with the remaining pipe hanger on the opposite 6-inch length of pipe.

Thread a vinyl-covered rod holder into the pipe hanger on both of the 6-inch pipe sections. Securely tighten the holders so they will not come loose while fishing.


  • Various methods can be used to mount the rod holder to a boat, dock or in the ground once the basic rod holder is constructed.
  • Adjust the size of the rod holder by replacing the 6 inch pipe with a longer piece and adding more split ring pipe hangers and vinyl covered rod holders.


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