Homemade Cattle Prod

Homemade Cattle Prod

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In 2009, the United States hosted 94.5 million head of cattle with an average value of about $4.26 per pound, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In some cases, an electronic cattle prod can help control large herds of cattle.


The most common way to build a homemade cattle prod is to use the flash bulb on a disposable camera. The capacitor will deliver a mild shock created from low voltage. This electrical current is directed through basic electrical wires to a point of delivery, often attached to a barrel; a PVC pipe is ideal for this task.

Skills Required

It is not difficult to make a homemade cattle prod, but you need to possess several skills and tools. For example, you will need to solder wires and make basic electrical connections to complete the project.


It is not advisable to use a homemade cattle prod as a Taser gun because it can potentially harm people with pacemakers, and you can be arrested for employing it as a weapon. When building the homemade cattle prod, keep in mind that electrical current can remain in the capacitor, so exercise caution when taking apart the camera flash component.

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