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With airsoft guns becoming increasingly powerful, functional airsoft scopes become increasingly necessary to pull off long-range shots. Unfortunately, commercial airsoft scopes can cost more than $50 or $60. However, you can make your own airsoft scope at a fraction of the cost with a pair of inexpensive binoculars. These homemade scopes offer true magnification and are the closest you can get to authentic scopes without purchasing the real deal.

Purchase a pair of inexpensive binoculars. Binoculars with uniformly straight cylinders adapt most easily to the surface of your airsoft gun.

Take apart your binoculars using a Phillips-head screwdriver. If necessary, saw through the connecting pieces using a hacksaw. By separating both magnification cylinders you avoid needing to hang the second cylinder off the side of your gun and can create a second scope of a second weapon.

Smooth down any rough or sharp edges using coarse-grain sandpaper. Once the major protrusions are removed, finish smoothing down the metal or plastic with fine-grain sandpaper.

Position the makeshift scope on top of your airsoft gun. Ensure that the scope does not interfere with any other moving parts, such as the cocking mechanism or feeder tube, and that you have easy access to the eyepiece when firing your airsoft gun.

Attach the scope to your rifle with two strips of duct tape---one toward the front end and one toward the back end. If possible, wrap the strips completely around the gun for the most secure hold. However, this may not be possible due to the scope's placement on the gun.


  • Use caution when disassembling your binoculars, especially if you use a hacksaw. Wear gloves and eye protection for safety.


  • A cheaper alternative is to tape a skateboard wheel atop your airsoft gun barrel. View a demonstration at the link featured in the "Resources" section below.


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