Hawaii Shore Fishing Tips

Hawaii Shore Fishing Tips

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The island of Hawaii is best known for its hot climate, white sand beaches and surf. The surrounding waters are home to a large biodiversity of sea animals and fish. The warm waters of the Pacific are a great place to do shore fishing, which is relatively inexpensive and a good way to challenge yourself with catching the local species. Some of the local species to catch are the oama, halalu and akule, which can be caught just off the shore.



As with any fishing excursion, it is important to have the right tackle, which will make the experience easier and more pleasant. Shore fishing requires a relatively long fishing pole, such as 12 feet in length, and a reel with a high capacity. This will ensure that if you hook a larger fish, the equipment will be strong enough to reel it in. 20 pound fishing line is recommended as a suitable line; however, for targeting smaller fish, 12 pound line will be enough. Bring some fishing weights to attach to the fishing line, so when you cast the bait will drop far enough below the water line for fish to see it.

Proper Bait

Using the proper bait off the shores of Hawaii will increase your chances of catching some of the local species. As with all fish, they each have certain preferences for food, so one bait will likely attract a particular species of fish over another. Live bait is much more effective for shore fishing than synthetic lures. Some bait options that work well with the Hawaii fish are octopus, squid, sand crabs, sand turtles or the local fish species of oama. A cheap option for bait is to head to the supermarket and pick up some frozen squid.

Try Dunking

Dunking is a popular method of fishing on Hawaii shores. It is best described as casting the weighted line and bait relatively far offshore, than anchoring your rod on the beach and waiting till a fish takes the bait. This allows the angler to sit back and relax while waiting for action or tension to appear on the fishing line. The bait will attract the fish, so it is not necessary to have constant movement on the line. Waiting could take seconds or minutes, but it is a more relaxing way of shore or beach fishing in Hawaii.