Happijac Camper Tie Downs Instructions

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Camping has become one of the most popular methods of travel. It may take longer to get to your destination, but the sights you see along the way are worth it to those making the trip. Camping allows you to make more stops and to see more than flying to your destination. It can also be a cheaper option. Truck bed campers are not as popular as they once were, but they're still around. To secure a camper to your truck, you can use Happijac tie-downs.

Items you will need

  • Happijac tie-down kit

Front Anchor Installation

Step 1

Install both guide plates into the stabilizer bar of your vehicle. The exact location of this will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Keep the large holes to the outside of the assembly.

Step 2

Place the frame brace into the guide plate using flat-headed, square-shouldered plow bolts placed through the sunken hole in the frame brace. Use a flat washer, split-lock washer and nut but do not tighten the nut at this stage.

Step 3

Find the center of the front of the truck bed and place the assembly there. Find the screw hole that will make for a tighter fit against the wall of the truck bed. Create a 3/32-inch pilot hole on each side to temporarily hold the assembly in place.

Step 4

Stick spacers behind the guide plates using self-stick adhesive.

Step 5

Use the four round drill holes to guide your drill to create 7/16 inch holes through the guide plate and into the bed wall.

Step 6

Insert bolts through the holes that you drilled in Step 5 but do not tighten them at this point.

Step 7

Place the L-shaped frame straight up against the assembly, centering the bottom inside the bed flute. Tighten the nuts placed in Step 2.

Step 8

Drill a hole measuring 3/8 inch into the bed of the truck through the bottom of the L-shaped frame installed.

Step 9

Secure the L-shaped frame using a 5-inch Carriage bolt, reinforcing plate, flat washer, locking washer and hex nut.

Step 10

Repeat for the other side of the truck bed.

Rear Anchor Installation

Step 1

Choose your mounting location carefully. The mounting location should be vertical and flat. It should also be in an area where there are no bumper caps or mouldings that will interfere.

Step 2

Make sure you have enough room for tightening the nuts. Staying out of tight spaces will ensure that you will be able to properly tighten the tie-down so your camper will not loosen during travel and possibly cause an accident.

Step 3

Drill a 1/8-inch pilot hole as far back in the bumper as possible. Once this hole is drilled, enlarge it to 1/2 inch.

Step 4

Position the anchor bolt in place using a 2-inch fender washer, locking washer and nut, keeping the flat edges of the anchor bolt horizontal.