Good Scopes for the M1A Scout

Good Scopes for the M1A Scout

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The M1A Scout Squad is a rifle based on the design of the M1 Garand, a rifle famously used by the U.S. military in the past. Manufactured by Springfield Armory and favored by law enforcement professionals, the M1A Scout Squad is known for being rugged and accurate. When choosing a scope or optical sight to use with an M1A Scout Squad, there are several options that will work well. Your choice depends on how you plan to use your rifle.

Aimpoint Military Sight

Aimpoint military sights, or red dot sights, are recommended by Springfield Armory for use with M1A Scout Squad. Although they provide no magnification, red dot sights are popular with law enforcement and military shooters because they offer fast target acquisition and do not restrict the shooter's field of view. Additionally, these types of sights do not obstruct access to the rifles receiver mechanism.

Long Eye Relief Scopes

Eye relief is the distance at which a scope can be mounted away from the shooter's eye and still allow him to see through the scope. In the case of M1A Scout Squad rifles, long eye relief scopes are a good choice. Long eye relief scopes can be mounted farther forward on the rifle, allowing for a wider field of view for the shooter and allowing easy access to the rifle's receiver mechanism.

Scout Scopes

Similar to long eye relief scopes, scout scopes are designed to be mounted forward of a rifle's receiver. Also, according to The Truth About Guns, scout scopes are designed to be fired with both eyes open -- a handy feature in self-defense or tactical situations where maintaining a wide field of view is beneficial. The M1A Scout Squad is classified as a scout rifle, so it's well-suited to receive a scout scope.

Adjustable Magnification Scopes

Rifle scopes are available with either fixed and adjustable magnification. Fixed magnification scopes magnify the target a specific amount, and no more or less. Adjustable magnification scopes, as the name implies, have a range of magnifications that the shooter can adjust for use in different situations. According to M1A, adjustable magnification scopes are a good choice for the M1A Scout Squad and allow greater versatility in the use of the rifle.

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