How to Find Gold Using Google Maps

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Prospectors are always looking for a better place to dig for gold. An easy way to prospect for gold from home is by using Google Maps. When you find gold using Google Maps you take prospecting to a whole new level. Look for gold where the richest lands are around the world. Pinpoint where gold is with Google Maps to spend less time digging before you find gold-bearing concentrates to sell for profit.

    Locate mineral deposits demarcated on a geological survey or land map maintained by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ( or the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) ( Record the longitude and latitude of each possible mining site you want to explore.

    Connect to Google Maps and enter in the coordinates for the first site where minerals are present as surveyed by the BLM or USGS. Click "Search" on the Google Maps interface and find the area on the map using the satellite-vision option the maps menu offers.

    Inspect the landforms using the Google Maps aerial view. Find the course of waterways, ancient riverbeds and exposed bedrock and pinpoint these areas with a push pin from the left sidebar of the Google Maps screen.

    Switch the map view to topography (upper right corner of the map's image) and see the elevation of the land. Look for inclines and descents that can trap high concentrations of gold. Prospect the land without going to the claim using this great resource to find gold using Google Maps. Continue to place markers until you have inspected the area.

    Visit the site after printing out the driving directions supplied by Google Maps.

    Access filings of local land rights at the local clerk of courts before visiting the site with mining equipment. Confirm that the land is public land and is not already claimed by another miner.

    Items you will need

    • Mineral map

    • Hand-held device


    • Look for ancient riverbeds. Placer gold is located in veins that run the length of every river or stream in gold country. Understand placer mining and what to look for when viewing the claim from the aerial views of Google Maps.


    • Don’t jump another person’s gold claim. Claim jumping is punishable by law and sometimes by the end of the other miner’s gun.