Glock 22 Cleaning Instructions

The Glock 22 is a .40 caliber full size Glock pistol. The Glock model pistols are one of the most popular pistols on the market today and one of the most simple to disassemble and clean. There are four main parts to this pistol that will need to be clean, and you will need to clean them the proper way. The four parts to this pistol are: the plastic lower frame, barrel, spring and the slide.

Step 1

Press the small black handle on the left side of the Glock's handle just behind the trigger guard to release the clip from the Glock 22. Pull the black metal slide backwards until the hole (chamber) on the side of the slide opens and the bullet comes out. Ensure the Glock 22 is completely empty of all bullets. Point the Glock 22 in a safe direction and pull the trigger to release the firing pin.

Step 2

Pull the black metal slide (which you pulled back to remove the bullet from the chamber) back 1/4 of an inch. Press down on the two plastic pieces on the right and left side of the plastic frame in the center at the same time. Push the slide forward to release the slide from the frame of the Glock 22.

Step 3

Compress the metal spring on the underside of the metal slide using your finger, and pull the spring off the slide. Pull the barrel off of the slide and lay all four parts of the Glock 22 on a clean surface.

Step 4

Place one small drop of Glock gun oil onto every moving part on the plastic frame and rub the oil in using a small cloth. Rub the breach of the Glock down using a cloth wet with gun oil.

Step 5

Place two drops of Glock gun oil into the barrel. Push the Glock 22 barrel brush through the barrel (in the direction that the bullet leaves the barrel) five times.

Step 6

Slide the barrel into the underside of the slide so that the small hook is away from the front of the slide and facing downward. Compress the spring using your hand and insert it onto the bottom of the barrel, so that the small metal round plate is supported by the small hook. Place the slide onto the frame of the Glock 22 and pull the slide back until it locks into place on the frame.


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