How to Glass Bed Rifle Stocks

Glass bedding rifle stocks makes a rifle more accurate by lifting the barrel of the gun out of the wooden rifle bed. The wood of a stock can shrink and swell depending on weather conditions, in turn applying pressure to the gun barrel and potentially altering the flight pattern of the bullet. By lifting the barrel out of the rifle bed, glass bedding eliminates the pressures of the wood stock and allows the barrel to "float" freely, producing consistent and accurate shots. Glass bedding rifle stocks is not difficult if a general process is followed.

Use the screwdriver to remove the bolt partway up the stock that holds the gun barrel to the stock itself. Slide the bolt out and then slide the barrel, action and trigger assembly out of the stock as one big piece.

Set the barrel assembly aside and use the Dremel tool to remove material from the stock inside the trigger and action boxes inside the gun stock. Attach a wooden removal attachment to the Dremel and slowly sand away around 1/4-1/2 inch of wood inside the holes cut for the action assembly.

Use the sandpaper to sand all of the surfaces on the interior of the stock, including the length of the barrel groove. Mix the glass gel with the hardener from the glass embedding kit and then spread a thin layer of the gel (1/4-1/2 inch) along all surfaces on the stock's interior that the gun barrel or trigger assembly will touch. Allow to dry until tacky.

Install the barrel, action and trigger assembly and reattach the stock to the barrel with the mounting bolt on the front portion of the stock itself. Allow the gun to sit undisturbed overnight.

Remove the mounting bolt from the gun the next morning and pop the barrel, action and trigger assembly free from the glass. This may take some elbow grease as the action and barrel will fit very tightly into the stock.

Reinstall the barrel, action and mounting bolt and tighten it down completely.


  • Make sure the gun is unloaded at all times during this procedure.