How to Get Hunting Sponsors

How to Get Hunting Sponsors

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If you have a passion for and exceptional skill at hunting, having sponsors is an excellent way to support your hunting endeavors. As with other sports, obtaining sponsorship is no easy task. It takes hard work, drive and dedication to build a name for yourself in the hunting industry. Start by discovering your niche and building an audience, then begin small by approaching local businesses for potential sponsorship.

Win Contests and Tournaments

Whether your niche is fishing, or big game, you must increase your visibility to get noticed by potential sponsors. Winning hunting competitions is a great way to set yourself apart and raise your marketability. The World Hunting Association organizes hunting tournaments across the country and the North American Hunting Competition holds big game hunting contests. These are just two hunting contest options. Look for competitions specific to the niche you are trying to develop. Winning several will enhance your clout with sponsors.

Become a Pro-Staffer

Pro-staffers are sponsored by hunting equipment companies to promote products. In exchange for promoting products, pro-staffers receive free hunting gear. Hunting companies look for hunters that have a lot experience and are good at communicating with the public, be it giving seminars, writing hunting articles, or running booths at trade shows. To become a pro-staffer you must have an avenue to promote your sponsor's products, whether it's through a hunting radio show or a hunting blog. Contact hunting equipment companies and request a pro-staffer application.

Shoot Hunting Videos

These days it's easier than ever to shoot your own videos and share them with the world via video sharing sites and/or your own website. Audiences gravitate toward useful content. With that in mind, consider shooting hunting tips, product reviews or instructional videos that provide value and are easy for your audience to follow. Regardless of what kind of videos you decide to shoot, the goal is to build a strong following so that potential sponsors take notice.

Send Sponsorship Inquiries

If you're an outstanding hunter and you've carved out a niche for yourself, send inquiries to potential sponsors. Include videos of your hunts to showcase your skills and tell potential sponsors how partnering with you will be of benefit. Highlight any awards you've received, as well as any media exposure, whether it be in magazines or on television. If you have a popular blog or video series, tell the potential sponsor about the demographic of your audience and how many people you reach per month in viewership or by subscription. If potential sponsors turn you down, ask them what you need to work on in order to be considered in the future.

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