How to Get a Hunting License

There is nothing quite like hunting. Whether it's a weekend tradition, your first time, a chance to spend time with friends and family or just to be alone, going on a hunting trip is as unique an experience as you are likely to find. If you go hunting without a license, however, you can get in serious trouble, so make sure you get one before you go. Getting a license is easy, you just need to know a few things to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Research local laws. Area-specific information can be obtained through your local county or state government.

Select the type of license you want to get. Licenses vary by age, type of animal you want to hunt, duration of the hunting period and, in some cases, the type of weapon you plan to use. Make sure to choose the right one for your specific needs.

Fill out a hunting application when applicable. In some states, you need to apply to purchase the license before you can actually get it.

Determine where you can purchase a license. In some states, you can simply purchase a license online with a major credit card while in others, you need to physically visit an authorized vendor, such as a local weapon, grocery or convenience store. To locate a seller near you, contact your state or local government.

Purchase your hunting license, and make a photocopy of it immediately. Store the photocopy in a safe place so if you lose your license, you'll be able to replace it simply and easily.


  • Never forget that you are carrying live guns that can be deadly if misused. Take a hunting safety class at the beginning of every season to refresh your knowledge.


  • If you are hunting on your own private land, the rules are often different. There are still rules, however, so consult an expert before hunting without a license.
  • Hunting laws in another state do not carry over to your own. Hunting laws--and getting a license--are not federal issues. Stay within the parameters of the specific license you purchased. Though it can be tempting, hunting more than you are allowed to is a serious crime, and you can get into a lot of trouble if caught.
  • Hunting licenses cannot be given from one person to another. They are only transferable under very special circumstances. Consult the authorities before attempting to exchange one with another hunter.

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