How to get Fish Smell off your Hands

Fishing is a great enjoyment to many. Taking home the catch of the day is even better. Having a dinner of fresh caught fish is a special treat, but the odors brought home are a different story. It can be a task to get rid of those fishy smells. Here are some easy methods to remove that smell and make the fishing trip pleasant.

Cut a lemon into pieces and use them to rub on your hands and other parts where the fish has touched. The natural oils and acid in the lemon juice are quite effective at removing those lingering fish smells.

Wash your hands with a lemon scented hand soap or detergent. The added strength of the detergent will help remove any fish oils that may be clinging to your skin. The natural oil of the fish carries the smell associated with fish. These oils also come out when they are cooked.

Scrub with a mild solution of bleach and water. This will certainly remove any fish smells but you need to be careful not to get any of it on your clothes. Even a small splash or drop will take the color out of clothes. This solution is also great for wiping down your kitchen counters after cooking with fish.

Wash your hands in vinegar and then rinse them off. Although the smell of vinegar has its own unique unpleasant smell it can be better than the fishy smell brought home from the lake or stream. The fishy smell is often more than just the fish. After fishing for the day, it can also include smells from the whole process. Bait, fishing gear and the smell of being around gas and oil can also be part of the unpleasant odors.

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