What Is an FTX Bullet?

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The FTX bullet is made by the Hornady Manufacturing Company, and is commonly used for hunting. The FTX offers improved consistency and performance compared to older hollow-point bullets. These bullets are available in various calibers, and are designed to be used in a wide range of firearms, including lever-action rifles with tubular magazines.

Characteristics and Technology

Several characteristics differentiate FTX bullets from other bullets. The primary feature is a flexible tip made of a soft material that compresses upon impact, making the bullet safe to use in tubular magazines where the tip of the bullet rests against the primer of the cartridge ahead of it. The FTX bullet also has a locking ring that holds the bullet together until impact for maximum weight and penetration, and a shape that allows a higher velocity than many other bullets. Upon impact, the soft tip causes the FTX bullet to expand consistently into equal-size fragments.

Used for Hunting

The way FTX bullets expand upon impact makes them ideal for big-game hunting. These bullets pierce the skin and hide of large animals like bucks, elk, bear and moose, and have high stopping power to put the animal down quickly. FTX bullets work at any range, and can also be used for hunting animals with especially tough hides, like hogs. The Hornady Manufacturing Company makes FTX bullets in several weights and calibers for traditional lever-action cartridges as well as other cartridges.


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