How to Fix an Evinrude Outboard Motor that Keeps Overheating

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Loss of engine power is an indication an Evinrude outboard motor is overheating. Other indications include a warning horn and a "Water Temp" light. The Evinrude motor uses water to perform the cooling function. The motor shouldn't be allowed to keep overheating, because permanent damage can occur. Under certain conditions, the engine will cut-out to prevent damage. An Evinrude outboard motor that keeps overheating can be fixed with relative ease.

Supply water to the outboard. Do not run the outboard under any circumstances with the outboard's water intakes above the surface of the water. They must stay completely submerged. Water intake cools the engine and keeps it from overheating.

Look at the water pump indicator at the back of the engine. Verify that it is discharging a steady stream of water. The discharge indicates that water is being pumped through the cooling system. If there isn't a discharge, stop the engine and clean the water pump indicator. Drop the engine back in the water and try again.

Turn off the motor and tilt the outboard again if you continue to have overheating issues. Take a look at the water intake screens. They are at the forward part of the underwater part of the outboard, directly in front of the propeller. Remove any debris you find in the screens. Move into clear water if the intake screens keep blocking up.

Run the engine in neutral for a couple of minutes to allow the proper cooling temperature to be restored to the motor.

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