How to Fix a Leaky Camper Roof

Did you take your camper out to the lake last weekend and then it rained? So everyone went inside to get out of the rain only to find out it went inside too?

Start early in the day that way it will dry before it gets dark and the sun goes down. Also make sure to do it when it isn't going to rain for a couple of days.

First thing you are going to want to do is clean your roof. So climb on up and check it out. Take a broom with you. This job is best done with two people. One on the roof and another on the ground.

Sweep off the entire thing. Make sure you get up inside the air conditioner(s) and around all the vents. It is better off if you clean the air conditioner while you are already up there.

Take your garden hose and hose off everything. I know this sounds a little silly since your roof leaks but it needs to be clean before you put the sealant on it. Take a break and let the roof dry. If you are doing this on a really sunny day and it is hot it shouldn't take long. Maybe an hour or two.

Take a small pan and a paint brush fill it will the sealant. Have your buddy do this and then hand it to you. Go around all of the vents and air conditioner with generous amounts of the sealant.

Take your sealant and dump some into your paint pan Cover your roller or mop generously with the sealant. Start rolling it on the roof from the farthest end away from the ladder You don't want to get trapped. Remember you want it to be pretty generous. This will harden and form a new solid layer for your roof.

Clean up when you are done. Your roof shouldn't leak anymore.


  • Be sure to clean your roof really well before adding the sealant


  • If you want you can go back over your roof again another time or two or keep going until you run out of sealant. Make sure the coat before is completely dry before you put on the next coat.

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