How to Fix a Ground Force Drifter

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A series of problems have been recognized by the manufacturers of the Ground Force Drifter go-kart and, thus, provide solutions for them. Whether there are issues with the battery, loose wires or a dry chain, it is indeed possible to get the go-kart back on the track.

    Charge the battery. Often a complete failure to run is due to an undercharged battery, in which case bear in mind that the kart should be charged for up to 12 hours after each use. Properly charge the kart and try to run it again. If there is still no power, consider having the charger replaced, as it may not be providing any power to the rechargeable battery.

    Avoid overloading the machine. A simple fix -- but one that may be overlooked as you enjoy the product -- is to make sure only one person at a time rides the product. Any more than that is often the reason that people complain of sluggish performance. Ensure conditions are conducive to good performance; for example: flat, clean and dry surfaces such as pavement or level ground.

    Fix sporadic power outages by thoroughly checking all wires and connectors on the machine. Secure any loose wires firmly in their ports to stop them from becoming loose during use and causing these power outages.

    Apply lubricant to the chain if the machine is making excessive noise during use. The manufacturers of this product, Razor, recommend a lubricant such as 3 in 1 or Tri-Flow. Apply the lubricant as outlined on the instructions of the product you buy.

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