How to Fill a Recreational Vehicle's (RV) Propane Tank

••• Carrie & Edward Mooney

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It happens to all recreational vehicle owners - we use up all the propane in the initial full tank and we have to face the daunting task of getting a refill. Yes, I admit that's a bit dramatic, but there can be a bit of trepidation when it comes time to get more propane. This is actually quite simple and straightforward. Here's a primer to walk you through the process.

Step 1

You have to find a propane dealer in your area that can fill a tank in a recreational vehicle. Don't worry; we've discovered that even our local equipment rental yard will do it. A lot of places are able to do this.

Step 2

••• Carrie & Edward Mooney

Familiarize yourself with the parts to your propane tank. In our illustration, you can see the propane gauge (G), the fill hole (F) and the valve (V) used to allow the propane to circulate into the appliances in your vehicle. Read your owner's manual; follow all safety precautions therein.

Step 3

Drive to your propane dealer. Once you're there, make sure the valve (marked "V" in the illustration in Step 2) is turned off.

Step 4

••• Carrie & Edward Mooney

The propane dealer will remove the fill hole cap and insert the propane fill hose, as illustrated.

Step 5

When the dealer is finished, make sure the fill hole cap is replaced. Check the gauge to ensure your tank is full.

Step 6

When you need the propane, open the valve (marked "V" in the illustration in Step 2) is opened.

Step 7

Enjoy the benefits of propane!