How to Fill a Compressed Air Paintball Tank

Compressed air is the next step up from using CO2 to power a paintball gun and is becoming more popular as the sport progresses. Knowing how to fill a compressed air paintball tank is essential if you are a paintball player or work at a paintball field or store.

Check the date on the tank you are going to fill. Also verify that the tank is scratch free and has no marks, nicks, gouges or burns. If it does, do not fill the tank.

Attach the fill station to the tanks fill nipple.

Shut the bleed off valve on your fill hose.

Open the valves on your cascade tank system or use your booster to fill the tank to the pressure specified on the tank, either 3,000psi or 4,500psi.

Close the valves or turn off the booster when the tank is filled to its appropriate pressure.

Bleed out the excess air from the fill line with the bleed off valve.

Disconnect the tank nipple from the fill station.


  • Overfilling a compressed air paintball tank can result in a tank rupture which will most likely kill the filler and people around them.
  • Filling a tank out of hydro test is illegal. Be sure you are fluent in the hydro test date rules. Access Hydrotester.com (See below) for more information on hydro test dates.


  • Do not be afraid to tell someone you will not fill their tank. Filling damaged tanks, overfilling them or filling them out of date can be very dangerous.
  • Compressed air paintball tanks cannot be filled with normal household compressors. Paintball tanks use much higher pressure than a normal compressor can produce.

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