How to Fasten a D-Ring Strap

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D-ring straps are useful in a variety of applications. They are most commonly found in motorcycle helmets and camping gear, but they can actually be used whenever two straps need to be fastened and pulled tight in opposite directions, without having to hold a large amount of weight. By passing the tail end of a strap through the D-rings properly and pulling tight, you create friction on the strap by pressing the D-rings against it. This is a quick and convenient solution for many fastening problems.

Ensure that neither end of the strap is tangled or twisted.

Pass the strap around whatever it is holding in place and insert the tail end of the strap through both D-rings.

Fold the tail end of the strap back over the first D-ring in the direction from which it came and insert it under the second D-ring.

Pull the tail end of the strap parallel to the strap running into the D-ring until the strap is snug.

Remove the strap by grabbing the round part of the D-rings from underneath and pulling them outward, away from the strap. This will relieve the friction against the strap and the entire strap should come loose.


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