Excaliber Sun Shade Folding Instructions

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The Excalibur sun shade is a type of portable pop-up tent that is put together with multiple flexible frames. Folding the sun shade requires maneuvering the nylon tarp and frames so that it collapses back into a neat package in the form of a circle. Taking the time to fold the sun shade properly will help you preserve the life of the tent and also allow it to automatically pop up the next time you want to use it.

    The sun shade consists of three flexible circular frames; one forms the base and the other two make up the top of the tent. Stand facing the opening of the tent. Fold the left side down so it sits on top of the base. Pull the right side down to sit on top of the left side.

    Place your dominant hand on top of the right circular frame to keep the tent in place. Use your other hand to neatly tuck the excess canvas tarp in between the top two circular frames. Make sure the tarp is not caught on the poles or any other part of the frame that could cause it to tear.

    Arrange the tent so that each circle frame is lying directly on top of the other. This will also help to preserve the life of the tent.

    Hold the tent in place as you secure it with the attached Velcro or elastic strap, depending on the model.


    • Using pop-up tents in windy conditions can be dangerous, because these tents are not tethered to the ground.

      Sun shade tents are ideal to use at the beach, during a picnic in the park, an outdoor concert or for shade in your backyard. The pop-up tent can be utilized anywhere that you may want shade from the sun.

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