The Evinrude Won't Stay Running

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Evinrude is a Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) brand. BRP is a motorized recreational vehicle specialist and responsible for Sea-Doo watercraft and Johnson outboards too. Bombadier products are manufactured in five countries and distributed in 90. Problem with Evinrude outboards not staying running can be related to the overheating, starting procedure, fuel and the self-test. Issues like these can be corrected by following some steps.

Check that the fuel tanks have a fuel in them if the engine starts but doesn't run for any length of time. Look for kinks in the fuel line.

Check the water intake screens are below the water surface. Evinrude outboards use water for cooling and damage can occur rapidly if water is absent. Make sure the outboard isn't overheating due to lack of water. Under certain circumstances this can cause the engine not to stay running. Check the water inlets for obstructions if you're using the outboard in water with a significant number of weeds. The inlets are forward of the propeller on the leading edge of the outboard.

Return the throttle to "Idle" if you continue to have problems and follow the correct starting procedure again. Turn the key clockwise to the "Start" position and try to start the motor. If it doesn't start, release the key for a moment and try to start it again. Allow the starter motor to crank for up to 20 seconds. Listen for the half-second beep that indicates self-tests were successful.

Check that the Engine Monitor Warning (EMM) system isn't shutting the engine down. Under certain circumstances the engine will shut down to prevent damage. Overheating is one such circumstance. Look for indications the EMM has come into play. "No Oil," "Water Temp," "Hot," "Check Engine" or "Fault" can all indicate problems that can cause the engine to shut down.


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