Evinrude 40Hp Troubleshooting

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Evinrude is a Bombardier brand. Its 40HP is an inline, two-cylinder outboard. Problems with the Evinrude 40HP outboard can include the starter motor not functioning, the engine not starting, the engine not turning off, power loss and the vessel not making forward progress. These kinds of problems can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps.

Items you will need

  • Fuel

  • Oil

Fill the fuel tank if the Evinrude 40HP won't start. Look for kinked fuel lines at the same time, too. Push the shift lever back to the "Neutral" position, and try starting the outboard again.

Allow the engine to stop, look at the propeller, and clear it of seaweed and other weeds if the engine won't stop promptly. While you are checking out the lower parts, look at the water intakes, which are also below the water line, and make sure they aren't blocked by gunk. The water intakes being blocked will affect power and cause the cooling system not to work. Often, if the warning system sounds, the engine is overheating, and this can be rectified by clearing the intakes.

Inspect the propeller blades if the engine runs normally, but there's no forward progress. Check the propeller isn't wiggly -- it mustn't be loose. Look for missing blades, and check the shaft for straightness.

Keep an eye on the engine monitor gauge if the engine performs unsatisfactorily. "Low Oil" or "No Oil" indicates that you should fill the oil tank. The Evinrude has about five hours of running time when "Low Oil" appears before "No Oil" will show. Return to safe harbor, and fill the tanks as soon as "No Oil" appears.

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