How do I Use a Berkley Fish Scale?

How do I Use a Berkley Fish Scale?

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Anglers have always bragged about the size of the one they threw back without really knowing the exact weight of the fish. Having a scale handy that could not only weigh the fish, but store its weight in a memory function, would offer proof of how big that fish really was. Berkley produces several models of a water-resistant digital fish scale with common features and functions. These scales are easy to use, durable and accurate. Berkley scales are suitable for both fresh and saltwater.

Hold the scale power button down for five seconds. The screen will indicate "0 pounds and 0 ounces." The scale is ready to weigh your first catch.

Choose readings in pounds or kilograms by pressing the power and choose buttons at the same time for five seconds. This will allow the scale to cycle between pounds and kilograms. Choose the reading your prefer.

Weigh a fish by placing the scale hook under the gill plate of the fish. Make sure the fish is hanging without any support and wait for the reading to appear.

Use the tare weight function to weigh several fish at the same time. Tare is an adjustment made for the weight of the container to determine the net weight of the fish. Attach a container to the scale hook and wait for the display to indicate the weight. Press the power button once and the scale will show "0", indicating the scale has been tared.

Store a weight into the memory of the Berkley digital scale for future reference. With the fish attached to the large weighing hook and the weight steady in the display window, press the choose button for three seconds. The weight will be stored automatically.

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