How Do I Reline a Fishing Pole With a Push Button Rod?

How Do I Reline a Fishing Pole With a Push Button Rod?

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Push-button rods and reels, which also are known as spin-cast rods and reels, often come outfitted with fishing line. But anglers must reline the rods and reels from time to time. People who fish just a few times a year should change the line before the start of each fishing season. Those who fish more frequently, such as once a week or more, should reline their push-button rods and reels at least every month. Not only is fresh line easier to cast, but it also is less likely to break.

Grab the face of the spin-cast reel and turn it counterclockwise to remove it from the rest of the reel.

Depress the large button on the back of the reel. Pull the old line off the spool. Dispose of it in a garbage can or other spot where it is not a danger to fish and wildlife.

Thread the new fishing line through each of the rod's guides, which are the circular objects that run the length of the rod. Also thread it through the small hole at the front of the reel cover.

Wrap the fishing line two times around the spool of the spin-cast reel. Tie an overhand knot -- the same you use to knot your shoelaces -- to secure the line to the spool.

Turn the handle of the spin-caster clockwise to add line to the spool. Stop when the line is about 1/4 of an inch below the rim of the spool.

Reattach the reel face.

Cut the line a foot or so beyond the rod tip.

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