Do It Yourself Concrete Cattle Trough

Do It Yourself Concrete Cattle Trough

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Items you will need

  • 8-foot tire

  • Electric cross cut saw or saw

  • Concrete

  • Gravel (optional)

Building a concrete water trough for cattle that is strong and secure is essential to herd health. On average, a cow drinks 12 gallons of water per day, eats one to five pounds of grain per day, and one to three percent of their body weight in forage, such as hay or grass. Building a trough that can accommodate several cows at the same time is ideal, because it promotes herd harmony and allows each cow to get the nutrients they need.

    Place the tire in the location you have chosen for the trough. A tire that is 42-ply thick is ideal and will hold up in extreme heat and cold. Cut the bead off the top of the tire with a saw to create a wider opening at the top of the trough. The bead is the side of the tire. Leave the bottom and treads of the tire, as they will act as insulators in extreme conditions.

    Pour the concrete into the tire. It will take about half a yard of concrete to fill the tire. The concrete will adhere to the rubber, forming a strong bond that will resist cracking and leaks. Allow the concrete to dry thoroughly.

    Pour an additional concrete pad that is four to six inches thick around the tire to insulate it further, if you live in a cold climate. You may also use gravel around the trough to protect the ground from cattle walking on it frequently.

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