How Do I Disassemble a Remington 572?

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Proper maintenance of a gun is essential for all gun owners, whether hunters or gun collectors. Taking the gun apart and giving it a complete field stripping ensures that the inner workings of the gun remain clean and in optimal condition, allowing it to fire as needed for hunters and lowering the risk of damage for collectors. It is important for an owner to disassemble and reassemble his gun every few months for optimal care.

The magazine tube is the tube running below the barrel. Unscrew the tip of the tube and pull out the inner tube. Pump the gun and check that the chamber is empty.

The trigger assembly is held in place by two trigger plate pins, located above the trigger. Pop the pins out with a little pressure from a screwdriver. Remove the trigger assembly from the gun.

Remove the screws holding the two halves of the gun in place. The barrel dowel screw is located on the side of the trigger plate, near the barrel, and the barrel lock screw is located on the underside of the barrel, behind the pump.

Grip the stock in one hand and the pump in the other and slowly pull them apart.

Unscrew the screw on the underside of the magazine tube and slide the magazine tube off the front of the barrel. Slide the pump off the magazine tube.

Pull the bolt out of the rear of the barrel by hand.

Insert a screwdriver into the slot at the rear of the barrel and pop the ejector clip free.


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