How do I Troubleshoot a Coleman Camper Electrical System?

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Coleman camper trailers are pop-up style rigs. These campers have fabric tent-like sleeping quarters, a hard shell camping cabin and roof and a retractable ceiling. In addition to the cabin and shell, the trailers have kitchen sinks, toilets and full electric systems. When something in the electric system goes on the fritz, the troubleshooting process requires you go to the fuse box and look for blown fuses or a main breaker in the off position.

Disconnect the generator from the power system. This is done at the generator housing at the rear right side of the trailer. Pull the plug from the generator to disconnect.

Plug the trailer into an outside electric source like those at campgrounds. Go to the fuse box inside the Coleman trailer. The fuse box is located on the door side of the kitchen and along the pantry cabinets. Open the fuse box and look for any fuses popped out from the housings. There are 10-, 15- and 35-watt fuses in the panel. Replace the fuse with the proper size if needed.

Push all fuses back into the proper housings in the fuse box. Test all lights, radio or TV, water heater and AC, and test all outlets by plugging in an electric device.

Push the main circuit breaker in the fuse box to On.

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