A DIY Weed Eater Boat Outboard

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A weed eater and an outboard motor have many similar functions. The main similarity is that they rotate and spin a single axle that turns. Since they have so much in common, it is very possible to make your very own DIY weed eater outboard motor. All you need to do is follow some simple steps in taking apart the weed eater, welding on some parts, and applying some minor tweaks. The process seems simple but will take a lot of concentration to get it right.

Remove all bolts and screws from your weed eater and remove the motor from the case. Carefully lift out the motor with both hands and set it on the ground. Use the metal cutter to cut off the cutter of the weed eater from the pole.

Take your aluminum pole and fit it around the pole on your weed eater. Cut your pole so it is two inches shorter than the one on the weed eater and weld the top to the motor.

Weld on your propeller perpendicularly to the existing rotation pole from the motor.

Take the aluminum tube and place it under your foot. Apply the metal bender at the 1/3 mark, and bend it around 50 degrees.

Weld the bar one inch above where the pole ends, making sure that it is on the top. This bar will be your tiller.

Drill a hole with your metal drill where you bent the tube. Thread your rope through the hole and tie it off. Tie this to your boat when you mount the motor.


  • You can weld any bond twice to reinforce your bonds.

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