What Is the Distance Between Horseshoe Pegs?

What Is the Distance Between Horseshoe Pegs?

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Playing a game of horseshoes can be a great addition to any barbecue, camping trip or beach outing, just as long as you have the proper setup and know the rules.


According to the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, the proper distance between horseshoe stakes is 40 feet.


Stakes should stick out of the ground no more than 15 inches and no less than 14 inches, with a 3-inch lean toward each other, says the NHPA.


The pit is the area that surrounds the stakes and should be from 43 and 72 inches long and 31 to 36 inches wide, according to the NHPA. Sand or loose soil is used for a pit because horseshoes tend to bounce off hard surfaces.


On each sides of a pit is a pitching platform with two foul lines, one at 37 feet for men one at 27 feet for women. Foul lines are not to be crossed when pitching your horseshoes.


Allow at least 50 feet in length and 12 feet of clear space above your court to compensate for flying horseshoes.

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