How to Dispose of Travel Trailer Sewage

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If your recreational vehicle or travel trailer has a self-contained bathroom, then it has holding tanks for the sewage. They must be emptied when they become full. Most travel trailers have two holding tanks, one for the “black water” that comes from flushing the toilet, and the “gray water” tank that holds the waste water from the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Most camping facilities have sewage hook-ups right at your camp site for your travel trailer, but some camping facilities have a central dumping station where you tow your trailer to dump the sewage.

Items you will need

  • Rubber gloves

  • 3-inch flexible sewage hose

  • Wood blocks

  • Garden hose

Step 1

Don a pair of rubber gloves for this procedure. Locate the three-inch sewage outlet on the lower side of your trailer, usually on the right hand side. Remove the cap by rotating it counterclockwise and let it hang by the attached chain or strap.

Step 2

Attach a three-inch flexible sewage hose (available at discount and camping stores) to the sewage outlet by pushing the fitting on the hose onto the outlet and twisting it clockwise until it locks into place.

Step 3

Place the other end of the hose onto the dumping station hole or the sewage inlet at your camping site. Make sure to push at least six inches of hose into the hole. Prop up the hose in the center, if needed, with blocks of wood so the sewage will flow easily from your holding tank and not pool in low spots in the hose. Attach two sewage hoses together if the extra length is needed to reach the dumping hole.

Step 4

Locate the valve for the black water tank mounted near the sewage outlet. Pull the valve handle all the way and you will hear a rush of fluid going through the hose. When the tank has completely drained, close the valve by pushing it in. The black water valve is located in the larger of the two pipes that converge into the sewage outlet pipe.

Step 5

Now open the gray water tank valve in the same manner. Close the valve when the tank has completely emptied. Remove the flexible hose from the dumping hole and replace the cap or cover. Remove the hose from your trailer by twisting if off counterclockwise. Replace the cap on you trailer’s sewage outlet by twisting it on until it locks into place.

Step 6

Rinse your flexible sewage hose out with a garden hose (not your drinking water hose) and a stream of water. Clean up any spills you may have made during this procedure with the garden hose. Leave the area clean for the next camper.


  • The sewage dumping inlet is usually protected by a cover to prevent the entry of any foreign objects. Sometimes there is a foot pedal you have to step on to open the cover while you insert your trailer’s hose. Sometimes there is a circular cover that must be unscrewed by hand to remove. If you have any problems opening the cover, see the manager of the facility.
  • Always empty your black water tank first. This way, the “cleaner” gray water will flush most solid objects from your flexible sewage hose.