How to Disassemble a Remington 11-48

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The Remington Model 11-48 is unlike many of Remington's better-known guns in that it is a semiautomatic auto-loading shotgun rather than having the more popular pump-action design. The Model 11-48 is a sporting rifle, typically used for small game hunting or recreational shooting. As with every firearm, it is important that you know how to disassemble your Model 11-48 in order to properly clean and maintain the weapon.

Items you will need

  • Small hammer

  • Small punch

Flip the safety switch to the "on" position---so that the small red band is showing---and rack the bolt action back several times to eject any live rounds that might be loaded in the 11-48's magazine. Clearing and safing your weapons should always be your first step in working on a firearm.

Use your hammer and punch to gently tap out the two pins just above the trigger faceplate. Once these pins are removed, pull the trigger faceplate down and away from the frame.

Unscrew the magazine cap from the end of the shotgun. This is located immediately beneath the muzzle.

Push the forearm---the large wooden or composite piece beneath and at the very back of the barrel---forward and off of the shotgun frame.

Pull the barrel forward and off of the shotgun frame. You may have to twist it slightly in order to break it loose before it can be removed.

Depress the catch release button on the side of the shotgun receiver, then lift the bolt upward and slide it forward and out of the receiver assembly.

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