How to Disassemble Swedish Mauser Gun Barrel Tips

The Swedish M96 Mauser was produced continuously from 1896 to 1938. Based on the design of the 1893 8 mm German Mauser, the bolt-action M96 fired smaller-caliber 6.5 mm ammunition. Swedish Mausers were manufactured in Sweden and Germany but both versions were made of high-grade Swedish steel, renowned for strength and resistance to corrosion. Later variants of the M96 included the M41 sniper rifle used by the Swedish Army in World War II. The Swedish Mauser featured a 5-round box magazine and a 49.6-inch barrel. It weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces.

Verify that the rifle is unloaded and point it in a safe direction.

Slide the bolt stop switch out. Pull the bolt back and out of the receiver.

Press the magazine floor plate switch on the bottom of the rifle with a metal punch or small screwdriver and remove the floor plate from the stock.

Unscrew and remove the front and rear trigger guard screws on the bottom of the rifle. Separate the trigger from the receiver.

Compress the upper forend band spring with a metal punch or small screwdriver to release the upper band. Slide the upper band off the end of the rifle. Compress the lower forend band spring to release the lower band. Slide the lower band off the end of the rifle.

Separate the barrel and receiver assembly from the stock.

Raise the sight tangent to the upright position.

Lift the handguard and slide it forward out of its retaining ring. Rotate the handguard 90 degrees so the sight tangent clears its opening and separates the handguard from the barrel.


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